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At La Crescenta Montessori, we think every child is entitled to the chance to learn as much as possible. To this end, we provide top-notch daycare services, allowing you to work when you need to and allowing your child to fall in love with learning.

In our daycare program your child is exposed to the same learning materials and opportunities as in our longer curriculum. In these shorter times with your child during daycare, we strive to accomplish the number one goal of La Crescenta Montessori: to install a love of learning into your child. In our daycare center, we believe in allowing your children to learn at their own pace in accordance with the Montessori Method, which instills these qualities:

Enjoying learning – By giving them the opportunity to learn on their own while they play, your children will grow at their own pace in accordance with the studied and proven Montessori Method. This method takes advantage of your child’s naturally-developing brain to maximize their information absorption.
Independence in learning – When your child is engaged in an activity during daycare and thinks they can succeed, we step back and let them work through it on their own. When we succeed on our own, that information is stored in our minds in a unique way.
Long-lasting success – When your child handles our Montessori learning materials in a constructive and encouraging atmosphere, they retain the information and lessons at a much higher rate. These lessons stay in their minds, and when they encounter more complicated and abstract ideas, the fundamentals they learned in our daycare program act as touchstones and help them learn new information at an accelerated rate.

We want to look after your children, and our daycare program is a wonderful way to introduce your child into the world of learning. Our trained Montessori teachers understand the way children learn, and we would love to help your child grow and achieve their full potential.

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